Monday, 14 May 2012

Rwanda : When money rules over religious beliefs

Rwanda One of the religious symbols
One of the religious symbols
Although we have different religious beliefs and some that do not believe in religious symbols, people can trade what benefits others when they do not believe in them. 
Among the reasons why some people put aside their beliefs is working for someone you don’t share the same religion because you need money.
One business man who preferred anynormous in Ngororero district dealing in rosaries, medals crosses, pictures and others revealed to us the secret.
“Its business and that’s why they sell them or why other non Catholics buy their items. We sell them as decorative items though we do not believe in them,” explains the trader
To find out on what religious figures think of symbols, we talked to Father Germain Hagenimana from Byimana Parish; Kabgayi Diocese who pointed out that, Catholicism should not allow that as some people may disrespect the symbols and use them otherwise.
However, Father Hagenimana accepts there is no rule that stops people from enjoying their freedom concerning religion as long as it’s not inconveniencing others.


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