Monday, 14 May 2012

Rwanda | Ngoma: tomatoes continue to become more expensive

Kibungo town residents are being confused following the rising of tomato prices that proceeds to complicate domestic needs, that even fewer people are able to buy while the majority seem to withdraw.
tomatoes continue to become Rwanda | Ngoma: tomatoes continue to become more expensive
When we talked to people in Kibungo market, they said that a bucket of tomatoes had doubled the price it was two months ago.
Now the bucket of tomatoes is being bought at Rwf1200 while the basin of tomatoes is being bought at Rwf8000 as Nyiraneza said.
“A big banana bunch does not cost more than Rwf5000 but tomatoes cost Rwf8000 this shows how cost of life in Ngoma is increasing.” Nyiraneza went on to explain.
Many people have stopped using tomatoes and instead use sauce tomato and use it many times however this is not a healthy move as it attracts many microbes. It is being said however by people who use Kibungo market and other markets in the country that the price of food stuffs is increasing by day which is causing much worry among the people.


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