Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rwanda | Kageyo: Residents complain of flooded road

Kageyo swamp flooded Rwanda | Kageyo: Residents complain of flooded road
Kageyo swamp flooded
Residents of Kageyo cell, Mwili sector in Kayonza district are worried after the road that connects them to Mukarange sector flooded.
The road passes through Kageyo swamp which looks like a lake due to stagnant water. Residents have to walk in water to cross to the other side.
Mukarange being the town of Kayonza, residents request for help because they attend the market there which makes it difficult with this river of over flooded road.
As part of solutions, residents explain that if water channels are widened, water can be drained because over flooding was a result of water that could not flow.
However, people with fields in the swamp confirm that their crops were not destroyed because it flooded shortly after harvesting.
Leonidas Harerimana, executive secretary for Nyawera cell, Mwili sector pleads that higher authorities come to their rescue because the problem affects all residents of this sector.
The journey residents could make to Kayonza town is now doubled as they have to take Rwinkwavu – Kabarondo.


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