Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rwanda | Cyamburara residents cry out for health support

Cyamburara residents Rwanda |  Cyamburara residents cry out for health supportResidents from Cyamburara cell, Murundi sector in Kayonza district complain to have no toilets due to water from underground that fills their houses and toilets causing destruction.
Kalisa, Cyamburara resident revealed to us: “When you want to visit the toilet, you sit near the toilet and after use a stick to push them into the water.”
Kalisa explains that doing their business near the toilet is due to the fear that it might collapse and claim the life of the one using it. However, some residents dig shallow holes to use as toilets and cover them after.
They have been given water purifier Sur’Eau, and are asked to use it and clean water so as to prevent poor hygiene diseases.
Although residents confirm that they use water from the dams for home use and drinking, it is worrying is that; underground water which fills toilets and houses flow to the dams which they say is very dangerous to their health.
Residents request the local leadership to try and shift them to a safe place and leave the Cyamburara for agricultural activities.
Claude Murekezi, executive secretary for Murundi sector, says that advocacy was made but the final decision is waited upon from the higher authorities.


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