Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rwanda | Ngororero: Landslide blocks Ngororero–Mukamira road

people crossing where the slide covered on ngororeo Mukamira road Rwanda | Ngororero: Landslide blocks Ngororero–Mukamira road
People crossing where the slide covered on ngororeo - Mukamira road
A big land slide fell this May 2012 covering the road in Rususa cell in Ngororero through Kabaya to Nyabihu, Musanze and Rubavu district.
Residents of Rususa cell where the heavy slide fell, say that it had been raining heavily which might have resulted into the land to slide on Sunday night.
Vehicles and motorcycles that could make this road a busy one are no more as the road became impassable since May 6th 2012.
However, drivers have come up with a suitable plan of exchanging passengers in order to stay in operation and helping people that must travel.
Vehicles from Ngororero district exchange passengers with those from Kabaya and Nyabihu. Passengers crossover the slide on foot despite the mud and water and board the vehicles.
Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) under the Ministry of Infrastructure is figuring out the possible way to rectify the problem, as Ngororero Mayor Gedeon Ruboneza reveals.
In order to clean the place, RTDA plans to buy off residents near this road so that soil can be dumped there.
The soil that blocked the road covers the area of 60 metres with 6metres high and there is 20000 cubic metres of soil covering the road, explains RTDA worker.
Talking to the district mayor who had come to monitor the clearing process, he expressed “am not happy with the way this Chinese construction company given the task because; they use spades and two FUSO vehicles instead of a machine meant for the work.”
Landslides are common in Ngororero roads during rainy season and this is brought by some roads that pass in the foot hills of the hills in this area.


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