Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rwanda | Rwandan students shine in Switzerland cultural night show

Rwandan students shine 300x177 Rwanda | Rwandan students shine in Switzerland cultural night show
Visitors sampling Rwandan dishes at the Rwandan stand (Courtesy photo)
Rwandan students at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland were announced winners in the “Les Roches cultural night”, a colorful and major event on the school academic calendar.
Les Roches University combines over 97 nationalities from leading economies to the middle economy as well as developing economies. It usually organizes a competitive annual cultural night that sees at least 30 countries selected from the over 97 nationalities to present two elements.
The elements include; traditional dance, culture and a creative shows and preparation of traditional food and drinks.
Rwandan students participated in both events that were attended by over 2000 people from the student community and invited guests from foreign embassies and permanent missions in Switzerland as well as relatives and friends of invited students.
The Rwandan group which emerged the winner is composed of 11 students. These are WDA trainers from the Hospitality unit undergoing courses in Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management and Diploma in Hospitality Administration.
Rwanda emerged the overall winner in the “stand” category that was well designed and decorated the Rwandan way and participants served Rwanda Coffee and over 5 kilograms were served.
The stand also exhibited the famous goat brochette/ skewer as well as Rwandan banana mixed with garden peas typically cooked the Rwanda way.
Rwandan students also took the second position in the “traditional dance” where they danced “Intore and Amaraba” dance in traditional costumes provided by “Itorero Urunana” based in Switzerland.
The two events combined resulted in Rwanda being announced overall winner of the cultural night 2012. The ceremony that was also attended by the first Councilor of Rwanda’s  Embassy in Geneva, Alphonse Kayitare who led a delegation of other staff from the Embassy,  and the  Rwandan community in Switzerland.
Sam Barigye, one of the Rwandan students at Les Roches said that this was a very important event because the team worked hard to make a commendable representation of the country. He added that their participation was motivated by the need to share information about Rwanda’s current image.
“We study with students from all over the world and different backgrounds where majority do not know much about Rwanda except the history of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.
Our participation in this event was an awareness campaign to make more people know rightful information about Rwanda and our mission was accomplished,” said Barigye.


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