Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda | Nyamagabe: parents should take care of their children’s school welfare

Some of the teachers from different secondary schools in Nyamagabe district want parents with children who are in the boarding section to always make a follow up and know if their children reached the schools during the opening of the term.
Rwanda Nyamagabe parents should take 300x175 Rwanda | Nyamagabe: parents should take care of their children’s school welfare
These teachers said that it had been found out that some students lie to their parents that they have gone to school and go into their own private stuff which could even lead to bad behaviors.
When these students get to school, they lie to the teachers that they were at home and invent all kinds of excuses. For this to be stopped, parents need to play their role and make a follow up on their children and know if they reached the school on the same day that they left.
Alexis Muhigana the Director of Studies at ACEPER secondary school said, “Some students delay on the way doing their own things while their parents think they are at school. Parents should always help us and make sure that their children reached the school on time.”
Muhigana said that even if parents cannot manage to escort their children to school, they should at least call the school administration and know if their children have already reached at the school. Some schools have decided to send back students who come late for school to come with their parents so as to explain the reason for their delay..


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