Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda | Rabbits need much water for survival

Rabbits are among the domestic animals that need water to be put on its side and to drink as much as it needs and at any given time. The amount of water drank by rabbits depends on how old it is, what it has eaten and how warm the place it lives in is.
Rabbits need much Rwanda | Rabbits need much water for survivalRabbits that eat grasses only will take little water but rabbits that eat the factory made food or other dry food need a lot of water and to be drunk anytime of the day as Leonidas Kayitankore the veterinary doctor of Bugesera district said.
“The amount of water consumed by the pig depends on the situation it is in especially when it is breast feeding. When breast feeding, a rabbit needs water 3 or 4 times the amount of food it consumed in a day. It needs more water to be able to feed its young ones.”
Temperatures also determine the amount of water consumed by a rabbit like all other animals as with high temperatures it drinks much water and little with low temperatures.
He explained that when a rabbit is young from birth to 18 days, it survives on the breast milk only, from 18 days to 42 days; a rabbit is good when fed the mixture of breast milk and other kinds of food.
Dr. Kayitankore said that from 6 weeks, rabbits should be fed on food that is rich in proteins and at least 1KG of grass per day. Feeding of rabbits depends on the type of the rabbit as some eat much and others little as they have different weight.


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