Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda | Health workers need more condoms for distribution

Some of the health advisers in Shyogwe, Muhanga, Nyamabuye and Cyeza sectors in Muhanga district have asked the association for the AIDS infected people (RRP+) PSI and their partners to give them condoms to distribute.
The request was justified that they are familiar with all people, making it easier for them to be consulted compared to others.
Rwanda | Rwanda Health workersThese health advisers say that condoms are usually put in all sectors, cells and in health centers for people who need them know where to find them. Health advisers are given condoms to give to people when they have discussions with them and take the remaining condoms to their respective places.
Claire a health adviser said, “After explaining to people about condoms, we tell those who want them to come and get them but most of them are shy to get them in the presence of other people. After the meeting, many come after you asking for them secretly.”
These health advisers said that it would be easier if they are given condoms to distribute to people any time since they are well trusted. They also suggested that if these condoms are put into cooperatives where most people are and trust each other, they would be of much use.


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