Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda | Poor people in Rambura sector given accommodation

Houses are being Rwanda | Poor people in Rambura sector given accommodationHouses are being built for about 28 families of the historically marginalized in Rambura sector who have been living in government houses in Kibisabo cell.
As Francois Rwamucyo the vice mayor for social affairs in Nyabihu district said on the 8th.May.2012, among the 28 houses being built for the historically marginalized, 10 have been roofed, 6 arte on the ceiling level. Every house has 6 to 8 meters and has 3 bedrooms and sitting room.
It is planned that these houses will be completed by the end of May as Rwamucyo explained. The main of this program is to make sure that every Rwandan lives in a healthy and hygienic environment.


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