Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda : AFP journalist arrested over cocaine trafficking

AFP journalist arrested
A Kigali based French Associated Press (AFP) journalist, Stephen Terrill has been arrested by the United States government over allegations of drug abuse and trafficking cocaine.
Terrill, 39, is an American and has been serving as a special correspondent for AFP in the region.
He was arrested on his arrival in the US, where he was immediate detained and sent to court by the prosecution at Hartford. Prosecution alleged that the journalist was involved in distributing 280grammes of cocaine.
It is reported that Terrill requested to be released on grounds that he had a very urgent story to report on the genocide in Rwanda, but the request was denied by court presided over by Judge Donna Martinez.
Judge Martinez said that the journalist have to remain behind bars so as the case is be investigated and evidence gathered in order to consider any bail.
Terrill stands chances of being convicted to 10 years in prison, if found guilty.


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