Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda : Rwandans urged to beware of leprosy-RBC

The Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) has warned Rwandans to protect themselves against leprosy because it is still detected among people despite the myth of its disappearance.
 This was said in the training that was given to head of pharmacies in Muhanga district on how to treat leprosy patients and tuberculosis.
Rwanda Philbert Biziyaremye
Philbert Biziyaremye
Philbert Biziyaremye a worker of RBC who is in charge of medicine for Leprosy and tuberculosis said that though leprosy is no longer common in Rwanda as before, people should be careful and look for a way to protect themselves from it.
Biziyaremye said that in case of leprosy signs, people should rush to the doctor, sighting the signs to be having whitish skin colour which is does not itching.
When a person who is affected by Leprosy takes time without being treated, he is at risk of losing his body parts like fingers, toes because a patient is paralyzed and the affected skin of the body part lose sense resulting to no feelings at all. .
Leprosy spreads through breathing and it is infectious. Up to today, 52 people in the whole country are under treatment of leprosy and most of these patients are from Rusizi, Bugesera and Rubavu districts.


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