Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda : Kigali city council sends back several idle people to Villages

Some jobless individuals have been taken to Gikondo Transit Center and given to Ngoma district administration so as to go back home as they are from that district, according to Kigali City Board.
Jean Bosco Rutagengwa the district worker in charge of youth and sports said that this is the 3rd time this act of sending idlers back home was performed since the beginning of 2012. 14 people including one Girl who was found engaged prostitution have been returned.
It had been agreed upon that people found idling in Kigali city are taken to Gikondo Transit center and then they handed back to the administration of the districts where they come from.
The idlers sent back on the 3rd round are Jean Claude Ndagijimana who is 28 years old from Remera sector in Ngoma district and Misago Mbonabirama (17) from Jarama sector in Ngoma district.
Jean Bosco Rutagengwa said that the reason many youth go to Kigali city is to look for a way of survival. He said that even when they are returned they don’t take long as they go back immediately but said that returning them is helpful in a way that they don’t go back to idling or join bad groups again.
Suggestions are being given that they should be taught technical skills in Gikondo Transit center so that those who are returned can have something to do and don’t rush back to Kigali as they live their homes because they don’t have what to do in the first place.


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