Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda | Tomatoes prices on increase at Nyakarambi market

While tomatoes used to be in abundance, sellers and buyers say that the increase of prices is very high compared to other foodstuffs in the market.
According to the tomato sellers and buyers at Nyakarambi market in Kirehe district, the price of tomatoes has doubled the usual costs.
Residents blame the problem on the heavy rains that has been on during these last months, and destroyed tomatoes causing the little available to be expensive.
Tomatoes grow well in minimum rainy season because they are grown in swamps.
Esperance Mukamana, tomato seller in Nyakarambi market asserts that the difference is big. Tomatoes have been at Rwf500 but now at Rwf1000 which is more expensive than a bunch of banana that costs Rwf800.
Because they are grown in swampy areas, too much rain floods the area and water destroys the tomatoes which in turn hikes the prices.


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