Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda | Research findings come-up with other possible causes to heart problems

According to a research conducted by Stress Research Institute of Stockholm University in Sweden on 2755 men that did not have any heart condition between years 1990s and 2000s, workmates, relatives, friends and employers especially those one respects and fears can make a person develop heart problems.

Rwanda | Research findingsAfter this research, 47 people who were under treatment with heart related problems, most of them died of heart attack. What all these people had in common is trying to accommodate stress  caused by their employers.
Containing the stress meant not being able to say a word in case your employer or the leader gives you had time and pretending it doesn’t matter. People who do this especially men are usually affected by heart problems than those who are assertive and talk back in case of too much work.
People who keep quiet about their problems and don’t discuss them are at risk of getting heart problems compared to those who discuss and talk about them.
These researchers said that there is nothing they know that can help a person avoid being stressed at work but telling the person that you are not happy about what they did for you, showing them your anger and asking them talking about it with the same person later after calming down is a good way to solve this problem.
Keeping quiet about such problems and pretending they don’t matter is a big problem and can result into heart problems which can be fatal. People who are afraid to talk back to their bosses because of fearing the consequences this might cause, they should think about their lives.


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