Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rwanda | Students urged to be observant about the world economy

Students at the National University of Rwanda were urged to be cautious about the world economic crisis because it affects everybody globally including them.
The appeal was made by Dr Dmitry Gershenson, of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) representative in Rwanda during a public lecture at the university: The lecture was conducted under the theme “Recent Economic Developments in Rwanda and the World”.
“The world in general was affected by the economic crisis during the last two years and Rwanda was not an exception though it was not much affected,” said Dr Dmitry.
“But if economies in the West deteriorate, Rwanda is affected which may lead to the reduction in the number of customers who buy its main exports like Coffee and tea,” He added.
Dmitry said that Rwanda receives revenue from the tourism sector which may also be affected if the world economy continues to deteriorate. This can lead to fewer tourists coming to Rwanda without forgetting that 40% of the Rwandan budget depends on grants mainly from partners.
He told students that they can take a step further to develop the country’s economy.
“A country’s economy develops through many ways including taxes and this is not perceived in the same way by all citizens, this calls for students to help citizens to understand this while putting their contribution in strengthening the economy,” said the IMF Representative.
According to Geoffrey Rutagambwa a third year NUR student in the Faculty of Economics and Management who attended the lecture, such lectures are enriching and are a good source of knowledge to understand the current economic situation in relation to the Global economy.
“This lecture is very important to me because I got detailed information about what is happening in the whole world as far as the economy is concerned and particularly the European economic crisis. As a student pursuing economic studies, this lecture is a source of motivation to use the knowledge acquired in class for job creation while contributing to the development of the economy,” said Rutagambwa.
On behalf of the administration Prof. Rama Rao the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, expressed his gratitude to IMF representative in Rwanda for thinking about delivering such a rich and relevant lecture on the global economic crisis.


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