Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda: Pyrethrum and Jimson weed to improve farming

To the farmers who wish to use natural medicine in pest control, pyrethrum and jimson weed is the solution.
Method 1
Collect the flowers of pyrethrum and jimson weed during the day when it is shining and dry them in the shadow.
After drying, grind or pound them and put the powder on plants where there are pests.
Rwanda Pyrethrum Rwanda: Pyrethrum and Jimson weed to improve farming
Internet photo: Pyrethrum
Method 2
Put 50 grams of pyrethrum flowers in two litres boiled water
After 12 hours in water, add soap, filter and sprinkle the mixture on the plant
When using jimson weed, the process is the same as using pyrethrum flowers.
Note that because jimson weed is poisonous, the farmer must make sure that it does not come into contact with the mouth.
Again, it should be sprinkled on the ground instead of the plant but, if it becomes necessary to put on the plant, it should be done before the plant flowers.


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