Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda | Nyabihu: fair price needed for lands- farmers

m Nyabihu fair price 300x262 Rwanda | Nyabihu: fair price needed for lands  farmers
Rubaya tea factory
Residents in Rubaya sector are complaining that their plantations are being given to the entrepreneurs without their consent, and few who have been given money are not satisfied.
Tea growers and other residents that have plantations and those who have fields near Rubaya tea factory in Ngororero district have revealed their fear over Entrepreneur buying their land cheaply.
Residents have been given Rwf800, 000 per hectare in exchange for their land which they refused claiming their land is not worth the money.
“Because we refuse to accept the money offered, the factories have decided to make it hard for those in need of tea seeds so that they accept the money,” residents revealed on April 26th 2012.
However the tea growers point out that if buying them off is in the interest of all, they should be given money that is worth their property, or the entrepreneur first buys for them land equivalent to what they have.
While some residents proved that they are capable of cultivating their land, the factory administration withdrew from supplying tea growers with coffee seedlings.
This makes it expensive for farmers and has raised doubts among residents of Mulinga sector of Nyabihu district and Rubaya sector residents.


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