Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rwanda | Southern Province: Umurenge SACCOs accused of Fraud

All financial institutions (Umurenge Saccos) that make Southern Province are facing the problem of theft by their workers, according to some mayors.
Governor Alphonse Munyentwari talking to the press about Sacco Umurenge
Governor Alphonse Munyentwari talking to the press about Sacco Umurenge
The problem was revealed on May 9th 2012 in Nyanza district during the meeting that had gathered accountants and vice mayors in charge of economic development from all districts that make Southern Province.

Some of the vice mayors for economic development in southern province said that money in Umurenge Saccos is embezzled by their accountants.

Example given was over Rwf3 million stolen from Kibilizi Umurenge Sacco of Nyanza district by the accountant who disappeared from the area with no trace, narrates Kayonza vice mayor for economic affairs.

Claudine Uwineza, vice mayor for economic affairs in Kamonyi district like her fellow leaders confirmed that one sector in this district lost Rwf1.5 million to the fraudulent student who was doing training on accountancy.

Governor for Southern province, Alphonse Munyentwari who chaired the meeting, stressed that there are measures on how to manage Sacco funds and to track down the fraudulents so that they pay back residents money.  

Governor Munyentwali blames the problem on SACCO leaders and residents who also participated in frauding by doubling their names on registers. However, the secret was discovered and the names were removed.

“Although close to Rwf8 million has been embezzled, it should not threaten residents because Saccos are generally loved and it is one way of development in rural areas” assures Munyentwari.

Southern province has 77 Umurenge SACCOs in 8 districts that make the province and Kamonyi is the leading district in having good houses built for Sacco operations, laments Governor Munyentwali.


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