Monday, 14 May 2012

Rwanda : Local organization puts emphasis on child development

In a bid to promote education of parents and local leaders on the importance of child development in Rwanda, a local NGO, Nkunda Umwana project organized public debate for the community in Kibilizi sector, Nyanza district to discuss issues surrounding the welfare and growth of children.
The debate was held on …and attended by local leaders, parent’s representative and adults from all sectors in Nyanza district.
While officiating the opening of the debate, Madam Seconde Nsabimana, the National representative of Nkunda Umwana organization, stressed the importance of the debate saying that the objective is to promote early child development in poor families especially at an age when children are in kindergarten and primary schools.
“taking care of the children through their childhood development from birth to at least six years is a policy which pillar to the family ” Nsabimana said, “it is therefore important a child fully develops in body, mind, behavior, spiritually and psychologically”
Basing on a research conducted by UNESCO, Nsabimana said that 80% of human mind development starts at conception to at least three years, thus a child in that age range should be given attention, taken care of; so as to have a good future.
The participants in the debate said that children faced with difficulties in early childhood have a rough time in life and most of them don’t perform well in school. They resolved that starting with the year 2013, all village settlements in Nyanza district will have a kindergarten school, so as to promote child development in the community.
Present at the event was Senator Gallican Niyongana hailed the Nkunda Umwana organization for the initiative of promoting communities in addressing the social and crosscutting issues through dialogue and exchange of ideas and knowledge.
Theoneste Niyonzima, an official of the Ministry urged residents to take responsibility over children and noted that the welfare of Rwandan children is not only a responsibility of the government and organization, but a collective community responsibility.
Kunda Umwana organization is non-governmental organization which operates in Rwanda. The organizations started its activities in 2009, in Kibilizi sector, Nyanza district in the Southern province of Rwanda.


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