Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda : Kayonza Vice-Mayor urges youth to form cooperatives

Kayonza Vice-Mayor urges
Kayonza district Vice-Mayor in charge of social affairs Mutesi Anitha recently urged Kayonza to formulate cooperatives in order to solve the unemployment problem, a statement delivered during a youth seminar that took place on 09th May 2012 in Kayonza.
“There are lots of work out there that is unattended to, which work is well paying if viewed as a team. You need to be creative and very observant” Urged the vice mayor.
According to the social affairs Vice Mayor, there shouldn’t anything like pity job. She cited an example a cleaning company in charge of Kayonza district that earns more than 2 million a month, she urged the Juveniles that they need to develop a strong working culture.
One of the forum attendees said that they have learnt a lot from the Vice-Mayor’s lecture since work can never find them at home or all be employed by the government.
“Some of the big businessmen seen around Kayonza district began while selling tomatoes of less one hundred thousand Rwandan francs but currently they are millionaires,” Stressed one of the participants.


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