Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda : Secondary school enrollment rises 75%- PM Acknowledges

Rwanda Secondary school enrollment Rwanda : Secondary school enrollment rises 75%  PM Acknowledges
In a review and assessment session of the cabinet’s achievements done every 3 months, Rwanda Prime Minister Pierre DamienHabumuremyi acknowledged the enormous achievement made in the education sector.
Late April 2012, the PM announced that primary students who continue their studies into secondary schools had moved from only 20% in the recent years to 95% currently.
This increase in number of students enrolling into secondary schools is as a result of the 9 year and 12 year basic education programs.
With creation of the two programs, classrooms were built at convenient primary schools’ locations thus letting all the primary school leavers to progress their studies. Both 9 year and 12 year programs are freely offered thus letting the poor to afford maintaining their children in school.
The government of Rwanda has greatly embarked on building a knowledge based economy evidenced by its education sector that receives a larger percentage of the national budget.


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