Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda | Motorists complain over 30 Rwf fuel increase

Motor cyclist in Kigali city complain over increased price of fuel and passengers are not ready for paying extra money which makes motorists work for without profits. Also the motorists claim that already they have been experiencing the burden of paying extra money on smart head gear forced to do so by National police.
According to the motorists around Kigali city find it unfair because the fuel prices has shot up for 30 Rwf and passengers are not ready to cooperate while also police force them lose 40 Rwf on smart head gear which makes the total burden to 70 francs paid only by motorists alone.
“The government should also favor our business because our expenditure doubles income and some of us the bikes are not ours, yet the boss only cares on the contract you had both of paying 25000 per week with or without those problems” Morris Rukara, a motorcyclist at Rubagura’s building in the city center.
Already the police forces me to buy the smart gear head for passengers at 40 francs but when fuel prices increases like this am also one to suffer which makes me some time go home without nothing in my pockets, he added.
One liter of petrol was costing 1000 francs but currently the price increase on 30 francs which makes up the total of 1030 Rwf per liter. Prices continue to increase item by item because recently it was food prices first now fuel, hope the government will look into the problem soon.


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