Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda : Eastern Province Rwandans benefit from rain water, opportunity well utilized

According to the report by the Rwanda Governance Board  (2010), 22percent of residents in the eastern province of Rwanda use clean water  while  56percent use rain water due to lack of other source to clean water.
The report shows also that about 33 percent of the population in this province use water from rivers and about 5percent have constant access to clean water as they own water taps in their homes.
Pacifique Barihuta the head of research department in the Rwanda Governance Board explained this report saying that normally a person should not make a more than 500 meters journey looking for water but up to today, only 36percent of the population gets their water in 500 meters.
This report shows that 31percent of the population makes a journey between 500m to 1Km to fetch water. Though clean water is still a problem, Barihuta said that this journey is not extreme and can be tolerated.
Among the 3606 people that were interviewed in this research, Pacifique Barihuta said that 36percent of them said that the cost of water is very high and most of them can’t have it, 37percent say the prices are just fine and the 27percent say they don’t know anything about water prices and costs. This research concluded that those who said they don’t know about water prices and costs are the ones with a problem of lack of clean water.
Some residents of Nyagatare district say that most of them still fetch water from swamps and from Umuvumba River especially those from Cyenkwanzi cell in Karama sector and they say they last had clean water in 1995.
Workers of Rwanda Governance Board asked different leadership levels to work hard and solve people’s problems especially those concerning their health as they are on the top most lists.


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