Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda | Gakenke: Six sectors in quarantine over lumpy skin cattle disease

In order to stop the spread of the disease, six sectors have been isolated over the lumpy skin cattle disease that broke into two sectors of Gakenke and quickly spread to four more sectors.

Gakenke Six sectors 300x190 Rwanda | Gakenke: Six sectors in quarantine over lumpy skin cattle diseaseSectors affected include Busengo, Cyabingo, Kivuruga, Muzo, Rusasa and Janja which led them to be in quarantine. It was common in Busengo sector where nine cows got sick.
To prevent the disease spread, 80 percent of the cows in the affected areas and neighboring sectors were vaccinated as according, Ferdinand Mwumvaneza Gakenke district veterinarian.
Lumpy skin disease affects the joints causing swollen lumps on the skin which leave holes after they are open.
When the cow is not treated, it dies but when treated and survives, its milk production reduces unlike before, Mwunvaneza explains.
Mwunvaneza adds that the disease is curing and they are planning to request the ministry of agriculture to free them so that residents can sell and buy cows.


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