Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda: Women can also play guitar

Rwanda Ange Marlene Nduwimana a.k.a Madona plays guitar as she sings Rwanda: Women can also play guitar
Ange Marlene Nduwimana a.k.a Madona plays guitar as she sings
While most people know guitar playing for male artists in Rwanda, Ange Marlene Nduwimana a.k.a Madona plays a guitar and sings which she confesses to have earned her a lot.
On March 20th 2012 Nduwimana revealed to us that in her profession of singing and running a guitar, some people discouraged her to an extent that she felt like quitting singing but she clinged to her God given talent.
“Some people laugh at me when they see me with a guitar on my back. They say it is not for me but to me, I take it as a gift from God,” Madona says.
Although many Rwandese look at it as throwing culture aside, she claims the cause to be old thinking that girls shouldn’t do some things; a reason why only males do it in Rwanda.
“I don’t mind about being a girl but try to use my hands so that the guitar produces the best sound,” Nduwimana notes
Nduwimana Ange Marlene started playing guitar at 16 years after being taught by a Burundian lady she lived with. Her grandfather was a guitarist which inspired her to take on the tradition.
She now sings gospel music and plays a guitar in different concerts.
Nduwimana advises other artists to courage because the only problem in music is that our people in our countries have not yet understand that music can make the dreams of theartist come true.


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