Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda : The history of pineapples in Rwanda

Rwanda pineapples 300x216 Rwanda : The history of pineapples in Rwanda
Pineapples are fruit crops commonly grown in Rwanda especially in western province, Northern Province and even southern province of the country; they originate from the southern America.
Pineapples were first seen when they grew on their own in the south district in the west of Brazil, west of Paraguay, and the north of argentine. It was also seen in the north of Peru, west of Colombia and the south of Venezuela.
Pineapples reached in Asia and in Africa between 16th and 17th century andit precisely reached in Rwanda after 1962 according to the book “Imfashanyigisho ku buhinzi bwa Kamaramasenge,inanasi na Marakuja”  by the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of CTB and PASNVA  (Pg 29).
Pineapples have different types and they are productive depending on the place they are cultivated in. we will bring you details on how pineapples are grown and what it necessitates to grow them next time.


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