Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda : How to solve pregnancy related problems

While almost all women think that pregnancy associated problems cannot be solved, research has shown that they can be solved easily.

Rwanda pregnancy related problems
A pregnant woman experiences many changes in her body which include; nausea and vomiting, unconsciousness, general body weakness, constipation, fast heartbeat and others.
Dr. Julien Cohen-Solal and Pr. René Frydman in their book “Ma grossesse Mon enfant” say that there are ways pregnant women can use to overcome problems associated with pregnancy.
Changes continue to happen depending on how old the pregnancy is. For example nausea and vomiting happen in the first month and stop towards the end of three months though it might come back a few weeks or days to delivery, adds Dr. Julien and Pr. Frydman as they explain how to solve these problems.
To fight nausea and vomiting, eat a light meal in the morning and have many light meals in between the usual meals during the day so that the stomach is not empty.
To stop unconsciousness, avoid standing for so long and in big gatherings, avoid walking long journeys. Also unconsciousness can be caused by low sugar level in the body, so a pregnant woman should have sugary foods and drinks.
Constipation is stopped by eating more vegetables like beans for easy digestion, taking a lot of water and juice in the morning and simple exercises help reduce constipation. In case of diarrhea, a pregnant woman should reduce on vegetables and go for rice and carrots.
While emptying the urine bladder all the time seem a problem to pregnant women, it is normal and no solution is provided but a lot of water should be taken to dilute the urine and prevent kidney diseases.
Increased heart beat comes after a pregnant woman does chores, walking for long hours but lasts for a few hours. She should try to have enough rest.
However, if anything unusual happens, a pregnant woman is advised to consult the doctor immediately for her health and the baby’s.


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