Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Ruhango: Bank of Kigali to help district development

The commitment for Bank of Kigali to cooperate with business community of Ruhango district has advanced following complains on its passive reaction to supporting development projects.

Adolph Nkunda addressing the attendants
Adolph Nkunda addressing the attendants
Bank of Kigali representative Adolph Nkunda was in a meeting with the business community of Ruhango district March2012 when he said that Bank of Kigali keeps Rwf68 billion in the National Bank of Rwanda annually for people to borrow but the money is always kept as there are no people who present serious projects that can be supported.
Adolf Nkunda urged people who had attended the meeting to always come up with promising business projects which are worth a risk to investment in if they are to acquire loans.
As a way of simplifying it for the business community of Ruhango district, Bank of Kigali will authorize its branch in the district to give out loans to people with projects proposals that are worth investing in instead of first travelling to the Bank head offices in Kigali.
The mayor of Ruhango district Xavier Francois Mbabazi said, “We are pleased of Bank of Kigali to have thought about us as a developing district and we hope our district will in a few days to come be one of the great tourist destinations in the country”.
The business community of Ruhango district says that the reason as to why they still lag behind in development is because Bank of Kigali shifted its branch offices to Muhanga district. Muhanga district have managed to develop in terms of infrastructure because their residents can access Bank of Kigali services just close to them, one of the attendants commented.

Some of the roads that are already being constructed
Some of the roads that are already being constructed
The town of Ruhango district lacks enough infrastructures which can attract tourists and other business forums as a result of not having better services in terms of hotels, roads, clean water and many others. Bank of Kigali has promised itself to pattern with the business community of Ruhango district in solving those challenges.


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