Monday, 19 March 2012

Rwanda : Rwanda prepares 18th Genocide commemoration week

Photo Ildephonse Karengera addresses the media in Rwanda
Photo : Ildephonse Karengera addresses the media in Rwanda
The National Commission Against Genocide (CNLG) has announced that the 18th genocide commemoration period will focus on the importance of reflecting on the historical aspects of genocide against the Tutsi, as a way of planning the country for a better future.
The announcement was made by Ildephonse Karengera, the CNLG Director of Memory and Prevention of Genocide, during a press conference this March 16, 2012.
The Commission also said that all preparation for commemorating the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi’s has been fully planned with at least 80% of the activities.
“The local media is very vital in sensitizing the community and report the activities in a descent manner, which is focused on the theme of this year. The vocabulary must be very clear and well prepared so as to communicate the message of commemoration” Karengera said.
This year’s commemoration will be held under the theme: “Commemorating genocide against the Tutsi lets us learn from history to shape a bright future.”
This year’s commemoration week will be officially launched on 7th through 14th April- which is observed at the national level. The commemoration will continue for the next 100 days because that’s the period the massacres were committed against the Tutsi, in 1994.
The various activities during these three month will include helping survivors in their day to day life, giving descent burial to bodies of genocide victims as well as routine commemoration time and talk shows.
Officials of CLNG called on Rwandan within the country and abroad to respect the importance keeping memories of the genocide.


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