Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rwanda : Holland evidence presented in Ingabire’s case

An Evidence file sent by Holland to Rwanda’s prosecution has indicated that FDU-Inkingi leader, Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire was involved in forming an armed movement, distracting peace and collaborating with   Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR)- a defunct rebel that is against the Rwandan government in the Republic of Congo.
The evidence was read to Ingabire, on March 14, during the third day of her series of trails in which the former presidential hopeful is charged with similar counts by the Kigali government.
Ingabire is also facing charges of denouncing genocide and making various claims of hatred in public places, and attempting to overthrow the current government.
The Rwanda prosecution read the details of the evidence and pinned Ingabire on the evidence of working with the FDLR rebels- who are also considered as terrorist groups by the international justice courts.
Prosecution said that Ingabire sent funds to the FDLR through the western Union Money Transfers, with intensions of distracting peace in Rwanda. On behalf of the Government, prosecutor Alain Mukurarinda said that the funds were intended to purchase equipment and support the FDLR operations.
Though Ingabire has denied all the allegations, her co-accused- Uwumuremyi Vital, a former FZDLR rebel member has pleaded guilty of the crimes and confirmed his relationship with Ingabire.
Her trials have been on since early March and will go on through this April, 2012. Ingabire’s lawyers have also have problems with language especially understanding the case files which are mainly in Kinyarwanda.
The case will proceed and Ingabire is expected to give clear explanations on the accusations picked from the Holland file case.


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