Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda: French investigators expelled ahead of genocide memorial

French investigators
The government of Rwanda, last week expelled a team of French researchers who were in the country to carry out an investigation of the genocide cases of Rwandans living in France who are accused of participating in the 1994 genocide.
Rwanda’s Prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga argued that the team didn’t have to do any investigation since the French government has not been particularly cooperative in handling, following up the cases of suspects and done nothing on the cases submitted by the Kigali government.
Rwanda has submitted at least 20 cases that are to be investigated by the French Justice department. Apparently, no trial has been made and some of the cases have been lost and Rwanda has had to re-submit the files, while 18 cases of genocide suspects arrested in France have been released under unknown reasons
Martin Ngoga told journalists in Arusha, that “the French team which had intensions of research has been denied permission to carry out their mission in Rwanda. They can come back later on and work with us, only if they agree to cooperate and perform a good job”.
Ngoga referred to the situation between the two justice departments as ‘very disappointing’ and manner of handling cases of genocide was not appreciated by Rwanda, especially that same team of French investigator was in the country for the 35th visit and France has sent more investigators to Rwanda than any other country.
This comes at a time when Rwanda is preparing for the 18th genocide commemoration which kicks off n April 7.
Apparently both governments have been trying to amend their relationship, which broke up two years ago when French government accused Rwanda of genocide crimes
The relationship between the Rwanda and French government may not seem to be good for now especially that nothing has been done by the Paris Government on cases of genocide suspect living in France.
Some of the wanted Genocide fugitives suspected to be living in France: Wenceslas Munyeshyaka, Agathe Kanziga Habyarimana, Callixte Mbarushimana, and Eugene Rwamucyo; among others.


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