Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kamonyi: Villagers To Solve Social Immoralities In Rallies

Following various conflicts and social malice among some people, Village courts normally conducted in meetings have been said to be a fast and better way of settling cases.
Kamonyi district Mayor Jacques Rutsiga admitted the same when she had attended a village court at Nyamiyaga sector headquarters.
Kamonyi Villagers to solve 300x224 Kamonyi: Villagers to solve social immoralities in rallies
In a village court at Nyamiyaga sector head offices last month February 2012, over 200 people had converged with cases of injustice before the district committee that is in charge of fighting injustice and corruption.
There is a lot of cooperation in village courts because it was realized that if a person gave wrong information about a certain issue, he or she would be helped by the neighbors or lower level leaders to explain it and make the committee understand it much better so that they can find a lasting solution to it.
The district mayor Jacques Rutsiga  said that people in village courts contribute a lot since they are the ones who raise issues and again brainstorm on how those same issues can be sorted because it’s them who have enough information concerning those  very issues that affect them.
Kamonyi Villagers to solve 2 300x224 Kamonyi: Villagers to solve social immoralities in rallies
The mayor continued to say that the ministry of local government orders that issues should first be handled at the village level by village leaders whereby the village leader writes down the minutes so that if the issue is not settled it is forwarded to the cell and when the cell officials also fail to solve the issue it is forwarded to the sector level and from there it is taken to the district level.
The district of Kamonyi has a committee in charge of fighting injustice and corruption which is comprised of the district mayor, vice mayor in charge of social welfare, army officials, police and therepresentative from the ministry of justice. The committee visits people on every Wednesday of the week whereby they find people at the three sites of Gihinga, Nyarubaka and Karama.


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