Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Gakenke women’s rights1 300x225 Rwanda | Gakenke: women’s rights to property to be reviewed
Trainees drawing from the civil society organizations are called to advocate for land regulations which entitle women to possess and utilize land. Grassroots’ leaders have been told.
This call was made during the three-day training organized by RCN Justice and Democracy which took place in Gakenke Sector, Gakenke District. The training was intended for boosting up advocacy skills of the civil society members with a view to advancing women’s rights.

Madina Ndangiza, representative of RCN noted that regulations which give women rights, have been instituted and are very clear. However, the Rwandese culture hinders them from being fully implemented.
Ndangiza further pointed out that regulations which entitle women to land are not well-known, in rural areas, most notably by grass-roots leaders.
It is expected that this training session will come in handy for trainees to advocate for land regulations so that rural people can rub off on them and therefore, women will benefit from plots of land.
Fabien Gaterura, a trainee said that the advocacy skills got from the training will be useful for him to sensitize grass-roots leaders and his next-door people on the upside of granting women land’s rights, as it is enshrined in the laws. According to him, it will significantly contribute to changing mindset connected to the Rwandese culture which marginalizes women in terms of land property.
The training was attended by about 30 participants from different civil society organizations, namely AVEGA, Haguruka, RRP+, Women Network and the Association of Nzambazamariya.


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