Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda : Removing infected tooth has bad effects on the remaining teeth

Many Rwandans especially the old usually loose teeth and do not replace the lost ones especially due to poverty , ignorance and many other reasons but this has an impact on the remaining healthy teeth.
Rwanda Infected teeth
Infected teeth
Dr. Mbateye Aimable a dentist says that removing teeth affects the remaining and changes the whole dental.  He said that many people think that when a person has infected teeth, the only solution is removing them but without even thinking about replacing them. He explained that artificial teeth were made to replace the natural ones when they are removed not for show off as many Rwandans think.
Dr. Mbateye went on to explain that when a tooth is removed a person will need to keep on chewing and this makes the opposite tooth to bend in the place where the other was removed. This makes it to decay in its roots and it effects other and eventually a person remains toothless.
Marisiyana Mukasekuru a resident in Bugesera district who is toothless said that this was caused by an accident but she is able to eat because her gingival strengthened.


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