Monday, 26 March 2012

Rwanda : Biogas a better way for environmental protection

Rwandans are yet being urged to embrace the use of biogas as a way of preserving the environment.
The national body in charge of energy supply EWSA is carrying out an extensive campaign all over the districts of Rwanda encouraging people to adapt to biogas usage.
On the 15th/03/2012 in Burera district, EWSA revealed that biogas usage preserves the environment which is good for the future generations.
The representative of EWSA Charles Kanyamihigo said that according to the research done in 2006, it revealed that as people develop they also continue to encroach of the environment as they expand their premises.
“The more we develop, the more we encroach on the environment by destroying it but using biogas will reduce on the rate at which we destroy the environment”, Charles Kanyamihigo said.
He continued to explain that if the current development happening now is not controlled will lead to a lot of destruction. That the energy sources like trees, petrol and many others will be no more by 2050 according to the research results.
He said achieving development is good but keeping in mind of our future generations is also much important. Rwandans and the whole world should ensure to preserve the environment if they are to avoid consequences that come with it.
Kanyamihigo says that the only way of preserving the environment is to embrace the use of biogas since it does not destroy the environment. He added on that leaders should also come on board to encourage people to use biogas if the environment is to be preserved.
He concluded by advising people to make use of their animal wastes through the production of biogas as a way of preserving the environment.


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