Monday, 26 March 2012

Rwanda : Handicapped people complain of subjugation

Handicapped people in Burera district said that the reason to why people stigmatize them is because they are always idle and do nothing for development.
Rwanda Sewing machines that were given out 300x193 Rwanda : Handicapped people complain of subjugation
Sewing machines that were given out
Jean Pierre Bakoziki a disabled who is a resident in Gatebe sector said that the fact that he does nothing developmental makes people think that he is not worth anything.
This March2012, Burera district gave 8 sewing machines to handicapped in “Duharanire imbere heza” cooperativeso as to help them fight against poverty by being able to do something.
Jean Pierre Bakoziki who is a member of this cooperative and who was given a sewing machine said that he is going to work hard to promote himself and people will no longer say that he is useless.
He hopes to be able to buy clothes for himself and other needs and even be able to buy an animal for developing. Jean Pierre whose left leg is disabled said that he could farm though it was too hectic for him and he didn’t get anything out of farming.
People with disabilities in this district say that being handicapped is not mental illness and they should never be stigmatized because they are people like others.
Burera district vowed to promote people with disabilities and take them out of poverty in their performing contracts.


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