Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda : Frogs claimed to detect tragedies like earthquakes

Frogs are among the things that can reveal that soon an earthquake will happen.
Rwanda Frogs  claimed to detect tragedies
Countries normally have disaster and prepared ministries and when those ministries are properly functioning, they normally detect such cases like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many others so that their people can be kept away from such tragedies.
An example can be in Turkey where all the birds were making sounds taking one direction and when the earthquake was felt, people also followed the direction of the birds which enabled them to survive the earthquake.
In countries like China, specialists analyze the characters of a hen and tell that an earthquake is soon to happen. And now the frogs have also been put on a list of the animals that can fore tell that an earthquake is likely to happen.
Specialists have realized that 96% of the male frogs in Aquila Italy left the place of about 74 kilometers where they had laid their eggs five days before an earthquake occurred.
Three days before the earthquake could occur, there was no male frog in that area yet there is no male frog that normally lives the premises where it’s female have laid the eggs according to specialists from Open University.
The frogs detect the earth shakings and the gases that arise before an earthquake can happen which cannot be felt by human beings. The frogs went back to their respective places just one day after the earthquake occurred.
The specialists in disaster preparedness closely monitored the habits of the frogs before and after the earthquake.
According to the specialists report reveal that frogs have lived on this planet earth for over 450 million years and since then they have been getting used to climate changes that happen on this earth which enables them to detect disasters like earthquakes and others.


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