Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Ngororero: Children leave schools for movies

Local leaders in Ngororero and Kabaya towns have raised concern overchildren supposed to be in school but spend the day in town watching films.
Children in film halls and bars 300x138 Rwanda | Ngororero: Children leave schools for movies
Children in film halls and bars
One of the local leaders asked the police to help them chase children from towns.
In the way of solving the problem, Ngororero Police has embarked on catching these children from markets and towns though they hide and go back.
To keep away from the police, these children leave the market and streets to hide in the film halls and bars with televisions.
During the training that gathered local leaders, it was found out that this problem is caused by parents who do not care to know if their children reach school or not when they leave home.
This is confirmed by some parents who stop their children to go to school on some days so that they help with home chores. This encourages children to go watch films. Film showing is the new activity in this area since they have just got electricity.
Vincent de Paul Habarurema, one of law advisers in Ngororero district discloses that careless parents should be punished but some children also are badly behaved. They lie about going to school but divert to watch films and other things.
“If this habit grows it can lead to idleness and disorderly yet the government of Rwandais fighting this disease,” Habarurema stretches


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