Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda : Mobile phones now to be used for Ultrasound scan

Mobile phones now Rwanda : Mobile phones now to be used for Ultrasound scan
We are all used to mobile phones that can call, take a picture or capture a video and/or browse the internet and other services of the like.
A company called Mobisante has changed that course by developing the world’s first Smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system called the MobiUS™SP1 system.
According to Mobisante “This award winning device, cleared by the Food & Drug Administration, brings ultrasound imaging within reach of healthcare professionals everywhere.”
“MobiUS fuses the power and wireless connectivity of a Smartphone with the Internet into a game-changing diagnostic solution that is personal and accessible, helping healthcare professionals practice better medicine and reduce costs.” Explains the Mobisante website
Toshiba smart phones running Windows mobile are currently some of the mobile phones able to utilize the new technology.
The cost of a fully activated phone with software enhancements of Mobisante activated ranges between 5000 and 6000 Euros.
Therefore as the cost of buying a usual ultrasound scanner has always been higher not to mention charges to patients, each time they are scanned. We expect this device to lessen the diagnostic procedures and costs.


alfred said...

There are cell phone covers for the mod. An example includes a smartphone case that is lined with leather and a fiber woven center. The colors for this cell phone case are black and red or black and white. It's simplistic yet makes a statement.


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