Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda : Be warned of the deadly typhoid – Dr. Rutagengwa Alfred

Rwanda Dirty water a causes of typhoid
Dirty water a causes of typhoid
Typhoid is a disease caused by drinking dirty water or cooking with dirty utensils. Symptoms usually include high body temperatures around both the neck and stomach regions characterized by vomiting.
According to the director of ADEPER’s hospital, Dr. Rutagengwa Alfred, Typhoid is caused by bacteria called Salmonella typhus found in dirty water and dirty food. Therefore dirty water and food, a typhoid patient’s urine and dirty fruits ends up being likely to cause typhoid.
Dr. Rutagengwa further explains that Typhoid is mostly found in developing countries like those on the African, Asian and South American continents.
Patients with Typhoid are characterized with fever around neck and stomach reaching as far as 40C together with vomiting. Patients also loose feel stomach ache, constipation while once in while the patient might have green looking skin at the chest.
Just after 48 hours of contracting the disease, a patient gets water stools. It might take more than 6 days for the disease to show up but meanwhile penetrating into more body systems like blood.
Effects of typhoid
Typhoid’s effects are many, for example due to its penetration into the blood system; it might adversely affect actions of all the other body parts.
To fight against Typhoid, cleanliness must be insured and incase the symptoms show, visiting a medical personnel should be a must.


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