Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rwanda | Rubavu: Adrenal Cortical cancer vaccination proceeds

Parents and teachers have been asked to support young girls to be vaccinated against cortical cancer and shun away the rumour that is opposing it.
The call was made by William Kanyankore the director of Gisenyi hospital when the vaccination of 70 young girls against cortical cancer at Lycee Notre Dame de Nyundo was in progress.
This vaccination was also given to 4373 girls who are in primary six with the age between 12 and 14 years.
Kanyankore explained that research showed that 490thousand people die of cortical cancer worldwide every year and that 270thousand are at risk of getting it.
This is the reason to why the government of Rwanda decided to vaccinate young girls for free so that they get infected by it and be able to fight it in Rwanda.
Young girls who were vaccinated were first explained about this vaccination and they asked about the rumours said about this vaccination.
Brigitte Umurisa the in the in charge of health in Rubavu district told them that the government cannot bring bad things to its people. She said; “rumours about this vaccination should stop and instead those who do not understand should ask for explanations.”
This vaccination was given for the first time in this year 2012 and the one who is vaccinated gets 3 injections.
When cortical cancer takes long without being treated, it affects other parts of the body like liver, lungs, bones and even the brain. And at times some of its patients go to the hospital when they are beyond the stage to be treated.


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