Monday, 26 March 2012

Rwanda : Local brew traders should meet expected standards

Leaders have been asked to make a follow-up on people who sell local sorghum brew commonly known Ikigage to see if they fulfill the required standards.
This they were asked by the Governor of the northern province of Rwanda Aimé Bosenibamwe this March2012 during his visit to Kagogo sector in Burera district.
This was following the incident where on the 14th March.2012 one child died and 19 others were rushed to the hospital after being poisoned by this local brew in Rulindo district.
The governor said, “Village leaders, you make a follow up on all people who sell the brew and let them first show you a form that agrees with them to trade and see if they fulfill the standards expected.”
He said some of the people who sell this brew add in ingredients that are poisoned which are a threat to people who consume it.
The governor emphasized that every person who sells any kind of local brew whether Ikigage or Urwagwa should first obtain permission from the sector authorities and should be selling healthy goods that are not a threat to people’s lives.
He asked people to follow the advice they are given so as to have healthy lives.


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