Monday, 19 March 2012

Rwanda | Burera: Great expectations in silkworm farming

The youth of Kinyababa sector in Burera district under their cooperative ‘cooperative de Developmentet la promotion de la culture de l’Ibobere’ (CODPCI) have ventured into silkworm farming because they hope the project will take them to greater heights.
One of CODPCI cooperative heads Jack Kwizera revealed that they ventured in to silkworm farming because there is every promising and ready market for them.
He said that countries that ventured in to silkworm farming have achieved tremendous development. Countries like China, Madagascar and Korea.
They have just prepared the fertilizers they will use in silk worm farming which will kick off in September in a house they have prepared. They already have a market for their product UTEXRWA whereby each kilogram of silkworm threads is currently standing at Rwf5300.
Silkworms produce threads used in various industries that produce cloth. Kwizera says that after starting their project of silkworm farming they expect to get support from the national body in charge silkworm farming.
They expect the national body in charge silkworm farming to give them a machine that will help them to sort out good quality threads to be put on international markets and the rest of the threads can be used for making cheap things like carpets and many others.
He says that a carpet made out of those threads will be worth Rwf50,000 which will be a good kick start for members of CODPCI cooperative to develop themselves and the whole nation at large.
Kwizera Jack continues to narrate that CODPCI used to practice Irish potatoes farming before venturing in to silk worm farming after being tipped off their ready markets and good prices by someone from Ngomadistrict in the Eastern province of Rwanda.
Even though they are still preparing the fertilizers, they lack enough land where the fertilizers can be grown because so far they only have one hectare of land yet they require to be having about at least 8 hectares of land where to prepare their fertilizers.
Kwizera says that it would be of their great advantage if they had enough land where to grow enough fertilizers because the more leaves silkworms eat the more threads they produce.
The cooperative CODPCI is made up of 24 members whereas the rest are still trying to fulfill the required documents before being registered as cooperative members.


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