Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda : Gashora youth urged to fight tuberculosis, drug abuse

Rwanda The executive secretary Jean Marie Murenzi addressing the youth
The executive secretary Jean Marie Murenzi addressing the youth
The youth of Gashora sector in Bugesera district are being urged to fight against tuberculosis and avoid drug use. 
In a campaign against tuberculosis and drug use, Health development Initiative (HDI) taught the youth on the various signs and symptoms that come up with tuberculosis so that they can always seek treatment early enough.
The coordinator of Health development Initiative Josephine Kamarebe revealed that signs like high body temperatures in the evenings, continuous cough and spiting saliva mixed with blood, filling weak and constant headache are among the various symptoms of tuberculosis that can alert a person to seek medical attention as soon as possible.
Kamarebe continued to say that seeking early treatment and taking the medications fully as instructed, eating a balanced diet are one of the better ways of overcoming tuberculosis.
The executive secretary of Gashora sector Murenzi Jean Marie asked the youth to always give out information about people who drag them in to practices of drug abuse and report parents who use them or deal in them to concerned authorities like police.
He said that the number of youth drop outs in the sector is very alarming and the number of hard crimes like murder, theft and violence are on the rise all as a result of getting addicted to harmful drugs like marijuana and local brewed spirits.
One of the strategies used by Health development Initiative in the campaign against tuberculosis and drug abuse is the drama played by ‘Inyambo production’ that features Rwanda’s renowned actors like Kanyombya, Nyagahene, Nyirankende, Rubyogo and many others.


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