Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | KARONGI: Bank launches mobile banking

Bank Populaire in partnership with CREAXION an advertising and communications agency launched the service of mobile banking in Karongi district.
The service enables people to access their bank accounts with the help of mobile phones and can even send money to other people who don’t have accounts in the bank.
Samson Mpendo-CREAXION
Samson Mpendo-CREAXION
The CREAXION employee Samson Mpendo explains how the service of mobile banking is being launched and how it works and what it requires for one to register as its member. This is what he had to say;
“We have spent days moving to several parts of the country urging people to register with mobile banking. We use our scouts named foot soldiers who visit people explaining to them the benefits of using mobile banking and how it works.
All it requires to register is for one to have a mobile phone and a national identity card. The clients of the bank can use mobile banking to send money to other people who don’t even have an account with the bank and the service can also be used to purchase certain services like electricity, pay for DSTV and many others. The service of mobile banking expects to reduce the congestion of people at the bank seeking for similar services”, Samson Mpendo explains.


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