Monday, 19 March 2012


Gisagara women need 300x187 Rwanda : Gisagara women need training about projects
Women in Gisagara district in Ndora sector say that though they have achieved a lot in development, there is a lot they need to learn and they want to have a training on how to prepare projects that would be productive.
In this district, women are given lessons on preparing balanced diet meals and those in Ndora sector say they understand that fully understand that now and they participate in sleeping well program and now they have bought about 163 mattresses for their fellows.
They even know about conflict resolutions and they solve their own problems and only the difficult cases are reported to the authorities and all thanks to mothers’ evenings (utugoroba tw’ababyeyi).
Christine Nyirasine the coordinator of National Women’s Council in Ndora sector says that they help the administration to make people understand things like cows are not supposed to give milk only to the owners but also to the neighbors who need milk but don’t have it.
As Christine goes on to say, they have developed but there is still a long way to go and that is why they should go on and have training about making productive projects that would make them develop.


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