Friday, 3 August 2012

Rwanda : Village Leaders Given Telephones For Security Purposes

Following the need to keeping security, people in Nyabihu District have been provided with Telephones and asked to watch each other; also avoid different crimes that are done in the area like murder, violence, trading drugs, illegal mining and environmental destruction.
Village leaders given Rwanda : Village leaders given telephones for security purposes
Alexandre Sahunkuye the vice mayor for social affairs in Nyabihu district on the 25th.July.2012 asked people to take care of their security and make patrols and be an eye of each other as in the month of July there were many cr4imes in this district especially senseless murders and selling drugs.
Nyabihu district gave out telephones that will be used by people who will be doing night patrols in All 473 villages to communicate information about security of every village as Eugene Rudaseswa who is in charge of good governance, justice and security in the district said.
The telephone will be given to the head of every night patrol team and it will make communication about security easy. Security officers were given jackets to differentiate them from others and the security accounts in every village were opened and people were told to work hand in hand with security officers so as to protect all residents of this district.


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