Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rwanda: Farmers asked to mix trees and crops

Rwanda Farmers 300x222 Rwanda: Farmers asked to mix trees and crops
Plantation with trees
Farmers are asked to plant trees with crops because there are a lot of activities to be done on a small land.
Agronomist Jean Chrisostome Nzeyimana in charge of agriculture in Gicumbi district confirmed human beings need forests yet land is small compared to land yields.
“Mixing trees with crops might reduce on the problem of lack of enough land for both activities and crops might need trees to grow well much as trees need crops to grow well.”

Trees also increase soil fertility because their roots go deep and draw what plants need to grow.
Apart from increasing fertility, trees can be used for many purposes like timber in addition to preventing soil erosion.
Nzeyimana asserts: “However, it’s good to know how to choose trees to mix with crops because some trees can stop the growth of the crops.”


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