Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rwanda | Southern Province: Every Sector To Contributes Rwf4 Million To Help Genocide Survivors

m Southern Province Every sector to contributes Rwf4 million to help genocide survivors Rwanda | Southern Province: Every sector to contributes Rwf4 million to help genocide survivors
Jean de Dieu Udahemuka, worker in FARG
Every sector in Southern province was asked to contribute Rwf4 million in 2012- 2013 financial year to help genocide survivors to start income generating projects.
This came to life after realizing genocide survivors in this province were vulnerable and needed help to reach social and economic development.
Jean de Dieu Udahemuka, worker in FARG explains: “FARG selected people to help genocide survivors to study projects since poverty is among the things that bring them trauma.”
Those who got houses the government built them are now able to use the houses as guarantee and get bank loans except for the houses given to genocide orphans from different parents, Udahemuka adds.
FARG worker explains it intends to work with Kanombe Military Hospital to treat 18.567 patients with much care because it has been found out to treat many patients in a short period of time.
In addition, in 2012-2013 financial budget vulnerable and weak genocide survivors’ money will be increased from Rwf5000 to Rwf7500 monthly.
FARG plans to renovate 9.000 houses built for genocide survivors “We will renovate houses of genocide orphans without relatives or parents that lost all children before building new houses. Those who are able will get iron sheets and do the rest for themselves,” narrates Udahemuka.
In order to improve on other projects, other districts were asked to contribute for genocide survivors according to their economy. Sectors of Kigali town contributed Rwf2 million, Rwf1 million from every sector of Northern province, while Rulindo sectors pay Rwf4 million each and Gicumbi sectors contribute Rwf2 million.
In Eastern province, sectors in Nyagatare contribute Rwf1 million each Rwamagana and Kayonza Rwf2 million, Kirehe, Ngoma and Bugesera sectors Rwf4 million each, Rwf2 million from each sector of western province and Rwf4 million from each sector of Ngororero district.
While this money has been handed over to district administrators, genocide survivors with the help of Vice mayor in charge of social affairs will decide on how the money should be used in their interest.


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